Thursday, 11 July 2013

Aerial Photography Service Victoria BC:

UAV Photos Victoria BC aerial survey


Professional UAV photo and Survey Service in Victoria, BC.

High altitude, aerial, airborne still shots and HD video.

Experienced & Licenced Transport Canada Certified UAV Pilot.

We now offer environmental monitoring and wildlife observations.

Remote Control Aerial Photography Advantages:

Aerial Photos & Video Makes An Impact! They provide an overall view that is simply not possible from ground level. See the entire scope of a property. Demonstrate the advantages of its location. Show access routes and neighboring developments.

Aerial Images make perfect legal documents, planning tools, presentation aids, promotional or marketing materials, and of course they are a wonderful way to showcase your property. Aerial Photography can be used for real estate, commercial photography and more.

Corporate and government customers may contact David for a free demonstration of the UAV services and for more information on the use of small, electric UAVs.

You may use aerial photos and video in a wide variety of applications. Call and we can discuss your needs and potential applications

Protection of the earth and environment Victoria BC

We use the best and latest GoPro Hero 3 HD Cameras

  • See our aerial photo slide presentation show on Youtube
  • See a recent example of a HD Video Shoot on Youtube
  • Benefit  your business with UAV technology for survey and assessment
 100 % locally owned and operated Aerial photos in Victoria BC

 Get a clear photo of the complete site in one frame.

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